Brand Reputation Monitoring and Social CRM

User's Guide

Free / Paid registration

To sign up for the service you need to indicate first and last name, email and select a password. Free trial plans provide you with an opportunity to start using the service at once. Paid plans require additional fees.

Pricing plans configuration

Sign-up plans configuration is set up on Admin Dashboard in section "Plans management" You are able to create, edit and delete plans. Each plan contains name, features, price and time period. It is necessary to set up payment system first and activate the plans to make them visible on frontend.

Supported payment systems

Repucauiton supports PayPal, credit cards. New payment options can be integrated if required.

Web radar

Web radar is a tool used for tracking keywords included in Settings section. You set a period of time to check keywords mentioned and get the complete report. In addition, the feature "Influencer's watch" is available where mentions from the most important individuals are traced.

Social CRM

Repucaution is a tool that allows you to manage social networks and collect all relevant info from social media sources. It is possible to make instant and scheduled posts, look through social media update feeds, check reports.


In "Review" section you can check all relevant reviews from local directories. Select a directory and a time interval and see positive, negative, neutral reviews with a total sentiment for them. Reviews are added from directories you indicate in settings (Yelp, Google Places, Merchant Circle, etc.).

Google rank

Google rank tab displays keyword phrase position and its changes over a certain time interval.

Instant social updates

Update intervals are set on the server (cron job).
On default the intervals to collect data are the following:
radar - every 10 min
reviews - once a day
activities - every 10 min
social reports - each hour
reviews notifications - every hour

Social activity

The dashboard provides a snapshot of social activity from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google + within the set period of time.

Website traffic

The script calculates web, search, referral, direct and adwords traffic. The information is presented in graphs with such values as number of visits, percentage of new visits, average visit duration and bounce rate.