Etsy clone script

User Tools

Personal settings

Make sure to include your personal information:name, e-mail and password.

Directory Settings

Indicate urls for directories selected.

If you prefer to receive reviews by e-mail select this option.

Google Places Keywords

Include company address for search engine tracking. Indicate company name, its address and keyword phrases for Google Places.

There are 10 keyword positions to select.

Social Media

In Social Media Settings make sure to indicate an appopriate time zone and API keys for each social media network (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.)

Social Keywords

New keywords are added and edited in Social Keywords section. There are three keyword phrases associated with your brand name that you can add.


Data from Google Analytics. Here you select your Google analytics website to get statistics collected.


Look through RSS posts. Use inbuilt feeds or create your own. Ready made feeds include Apple Top 10 songs, Forbes popular stories, HP News, etc.

You may check the feeds in Social Activity section and post them in social networks.