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Social CRM is a solution that enables businesses to engage with their clients by means of social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram). It allows to manage customer relationships efficiently.

The section contains records of your clients. Each record includes basic information (first and last names, email, phone, company, address, website, additional notes) about the client and his/her social media accounts (twitter, facebook and instagram).

All clients are located in directory where they are sorted out by name and company.

Here you can view details, delete or edit record information.

Name and company search filters (auto-complete enabled) help to find any client required in a few clicks.

By clicking on client you get to his page to learn more about him and check his social media activity.

Client’s page provides detailed information about a certain contact: name, company, address, links to social social media profiles and relevant updates from them.

Client’s social activity is presented as a feed. Each post can be replied, liked or retweeted.

Client's activity page gives a clue to social media activity of all clients stored in the directory.

The information is displayed as a live feed updated during certain periods of time.