Etsy clone script

User Tools

Web radar is a useful widget that allows the user to get frequent updates from Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Recent updates can be looked through either in the common tab “All mentions” or in separate tabs that stand for each social media source.

The user can interact with the updates posted. Twitter: reply, retweet, add to favourite, add to influencers. In Google+ feed he can use add to influencers feature. Facebook: like the post, give comments or add the user to influencers.

Notice that updates are displayed according to keywords. The keywords are indicated in settings and their number is unlimited.

The more keywords the more results you get in the feed.

Influencers watch section keeps all users you think to be important to you: either potential buyers or key individuals that may have influence over future customers.

It is possible to add the user to Influencers from mentions feed.

Auto-follow system for Twitter allows the system to search for brand influencers and follow their accounts automatically. This option is tuned up in Settings.

The user can keep track of mentions and hastags from Instagram. It is necessary to indicate keywords in Settings and get results.