Etsy clone script

User Tools


Superadmin section allows managing the whole system:

  • - manage customers, admins and account managers;
  • - create plans;
  • - add api keys;
  • - indicate payment settings;
  • - set up influencers;
  • - see payment transactions;
  • - set up mailchimp export.

Plans management

The superadmin is able to create, edit and delete subscription plans for clients.

Plans are either free or charged. Each plan contains title, features, time and price.

It is possible to create plans per month or per year (12 months plan).

New features are easily added by drag-and-drop.

Within each plan a number of collaboration team members can be indicated.

Free trial plans

Alongside with common plans free trial plans are also available.

Basically, they are created & managed the same way as other plans. The superadmin needs to make sure to select a trial option.

Free plans may have any duration and features: it is up to the superadmin to decide what to include and what not.

Private plans

The superadmin is able to create special plans that are not visible on public plan page. Private plans are created for particular clients and sent via email.

Mailchimp Export

The superadmin has the possibility to tune up mailchimp e-mail list functionality to export users to mailchimp lists to run e-mail marketing campaigns.

Contact information exported includes users, collaboration team members, account managers and admins.

It is necessary to select mailchimp lists on the left and corresponding contact groups on the right to carry out export.

If the conctact already exists in the mailchimp list it is not added again. The same holds true for desabled contacts.