Etsy clone script

User Tools

Repucaution allows to create automation process for your twitter account in multiple profiles. It makes twitter account management easier and effective.

Add search criteria for users you are about to follow.

  • - indicate keywords
  • - set minimal and maximal number of users to follow daily
  • - set the time to follow them
  • - add keywords for search criteria
  • - decide on minimal and maximal number of followers (for users you are going to follow)
  • - include or exclude additional keywords

Go further in setting up automation process and indicate the number of users you would like to follow daily. Select the following options:

  • - Automatically follow users by search
  • - Automatically unfollow those who unsubscribed from your account
  • - Auto-send welcome message to new followers
  • - Auto-follow new followers
  • - Auto-retweet
  • - Auto-favourite

Monitor your twitter account with a help of analytics tools: check the number of followers, favorites, retweets, etc.

Use Twitter spam account filters: set special criteria to follow interesting users. Indicate age of account, the number of days before unfollowing, etc.